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What do women want ? (An article written by a woman for men)

What do women want ? Here’s a difficult one ! Even if we’re all different, there are some characteristics that all girls enjoy. Based on our fantasies, here is the four magic profiles you should get inspired by.

Prince charming

Quality : the gallantry. Of course, today women are independant but we can assure you that a bit of gallantry won’t hurt. No need to do too much, but simply open the car door to let her in is already a lot for women !

Default : being too nice. Seduction key is to know how to balance, the risk is to look too nice or worst, to look false. You can tell her she’s pretty, but not 30 times during the same date !

The bad boy

Quality : the mystery. You must know how to keep a certain distance. To do so, we invite you to read our article How to look mysterious ?

Default : the viciousness. Once again, the key is balancing. You can be a diehard, but you still have to be respectful. Never joke about your target weaknesses, as her complexes or her fears.

The joker

Quality : the humour. I know that might shock you, but women like to laugh too, so don’t be afraid to do some jokes !

Default : too much jokes, sometime inappropriate. Please do not joke about poop or things like that, or at least not during the first dates.

Le papa

Quality : the hug. Women will never admit being a fragile thing, but sometimes, trust us, what women want is just that you hold her in your arms to make her feel protected.

Default : authority. Let’s be clear here : never tell a woman what she can or can’t do. You can give your opinion for sure, but keep in mind that those are just advices, not actual orders.


Presented in this manner, don’t it look easy to satisfy a woman ? However keep in mind this : you must always adapt to your target. According to her behaviour, you must understand who she is and what she likes (if she likes poop jokes, so do you !).