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There are many guides and ebooks of seduction to download on the web, but they are often poorly organized, too long and not concise enough to be remembered. We are here to answer this problem and help you memorize and progress easily. Download our free guide to seduce a woman / seduce a man

We offer a free flirt book for Android, Iphone and Windows Phone, which offers many advantages compared to a seduction ebook in PDF format. Our guides are more ergonomics, they allow you to navigate easily through content and chapters. Indeed, the various seduction techniques are condensed in a portable application. These apps are perfect for following a real seduction course, the content clear and precise and to allow you to read and reread the guide quickly (in about 10 minutes).

The application will be your best coach to learn the art of conquering women. You will discover all the good practices for flirting and the best tricks to seduce quickly.

The best techniques to read in an interactive guide!
Possible reading techniques out loud HD!
Chat with wingmans and girls nearby!
Exchange your techniques, vote for the best!

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Another advantage of using an application is that you benefit from updates, content evolution and application functionality. You get all the new techniques and methods to seduce the prettiest girls and guys whether it is during the day, SPU (Street Pick-up) or in the evening, NPU (Night Pick-up).

Download the guide, it's free!

And most importantly, our guides to seduce a woman or to seduce a man can be downloaded free of charge, you will certainly find the guide that suits you. Download it now!

How to seduce a woman?

How do I hit on a woman?

The best guide to seduce in all situations

Ebook to seduce a woman

To seduce a woman it takes an effort on your part, to put all chances on your side you must stand out from the crowd, you will have to invest a minimum to charm her! Learn now the techniques of effective seduction to dock, create complicity and then flirt with an ass plan or to start a relationship serious lover. The best way to make him want you is to be an alpha male, for that reason the secret is to be confident, attractive and impressive. But not just... Be fun with topics of conversation. learn how to excite by asking interesting questions for the chick you're coveting! For help you we have developed the guide of the seducer to download free of charge in pdf on your mobile phone. gentlemen it's time to learn what women want and date a girl! Seduce a woman now!

Ebook to seduce a man

Still wondering how to understand men? Male psychology is a shadow zone for you? You will wait for Prince Charming again? To attract a man, you first have to attract him physically. And yes in men the physical appearance is rather important! Then you have to know how to communicate it to him under communicate your interest without doing too much to attract him to you. It doesn't matter if you're a shy girl or not. a femme fatale, learn the secrets to please a guy. With our book of the seductress pdf you will have instantly access to the best advice on finding the right man. Ladies, it's time to learn how to make a man crack. man and conquer him in order to concretize the great love! Seduce a man now!

Seduce a man

How do I flirt with a man?

The best guide to seduce a man