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How to seduce a woman?

You see a pretty girl,

and you want to know how to seduce her ? Learn for free to seduce a woman with this seduction guide. Download the guide to learn how to be attractive!

A free guide to progress in charisma

This seduction application is a free guide to learn how to seduce a woman. It allows you to learn the best seduction techniques that you absolutely need to know to be attractive and allow you to meet new people.

All the different subjects of seduction are discussed to provide the most relevant tips to improve your seduction level. Initially you will learn the basics of seduction, the mood to have to talk to a woman and be attractive, self-confidence, to be an interesting person and give women the desire to know you. The energy to hold exciting interactions. Advice on your style, your look, let you improve your appearance to attract a girl easily. In addition to seduce you must adopt the right way of speaking to be attractive to girls. One of the most important is body language, you must learn to be naturally attractive with your posture and gestures. And that's not all, there are still eye contact, physical contact (kino), humor, lifestyle and so on.

The best techniques included in an interactive guide!
Possible reading aloud with high quality voice!
Discuss with wingmans and girls nearby!
Exchange your tips, vote for the best!

The basic tips

The place

What place to seduce. What are the differences between all these places. What are the differences between the street, shops, public transportation (subway, bus)...

The mindset

How to behave to be naturally attractive.


How to be confident to discuss being at ease.

The energy

How to elevate your energy level to be someone interesting to the eyes of others.

How to talk

How to talk to women, tone of voice and emotions.

Body Language

How to give a good self-image to the girl.


How to be attractive and sexier.

Eye contact

How to watch a girl in a conversation and use your eyes and look to seduce.

Physical contact

How to turn up the sexual tension by doing kino with this pretty girl.


How to be funny, have humor and make others laugh.


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