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Frequently Asked Questions

The website

To browse the site and read the description of the applications, a menu is present on the left edge of the site. When you hover the mouse pointer over the menu, it opens to give you more information.
Annexes navigations are at the bottom of the page in the foot page.

The applications

For all applications:
When you start the application you must have a mobile data connection to check the license. If you have this connection and the test of the license fails, try to restart the smartphone. If the bug is still present, thank you to close and reopen the application (Do not try to click on retry, it's ineffective)
To use the application in a place with no connection (in the subway for example), then run the applications in a place where you have the connection and then keep open the application.

For the application seduce by text messages :
You'll eventually the message "Warning message may be corrupted on the device of recipient." To solve the problem, set the text input mode to automatic: Messaging> Settings> Language Input Mode> Automatic.

Other questions

Thank you for using the contact page, you will find the link at the bottom of this page.