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How to look mysterious ?

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We all know that cliché of girls attracted by bad boys. This rebel with tattoos, full of dark secrets… Indeed, it has been recognize that mysterious men attract more women because girls want to understand them. Here, we are going to teach you how to look mysterious.

Remain vague

Avoid telling too much about yourself. What make someone mysterious is to know the bare minimum about this person. If your target ask you a lot of questions or something personal, just avoid telling details. Do not tell the whole story, remain vague, thus, your target will feel like she doesn’t know the entire truth, she will want more.

More BL (bodylanguage) and less words

Try to make understand things through your body more than through your discussion, for example eyes are a very good indicator. At the beginning of a relationship, what create tension among two people is when they make eyes at each other. Our imagination embellish the other one naturally, giving him or her asset they might not actually have. You must use that !

Be confident

The risk is to be taken for shy rather than mysterious. To avoid that, you must be really self-confident, you don’t need anyone, neither their approval. Your attitude must express that confidence.

Keep cool

Stay calm under any circumstances. Even if events are overwhelming, you must keep cool, a calm reaction make you look mysterious. Indeed, people will ask “How can he be so calm?”.

Do not answer everything

To do so, you must avoid questions through humor or with your regard. This will reject interrogations with finesse and self-confidence and in the same time, your target will find you more mysterious. Well done !