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Seduce a girl during an appointment

You want to please a woman

Learn how to get this appointment and charm that girl. Download the guide for a successful meeting!

The principles of seduction to know

The application to seduce during an appointment is a guide to teach you the good bascis to follow during a appointment with a girl and to to put the odds in your favor to please her.

The best techniques included in an interactive guide!
Possible reading aloud with high quality voice!
Discuss with wingmans and girls nearby!
Exchange your tips, vote for the best!

The techniques to be successful in love appointment

The basics

Everything you need to know about the location of the appointment, how to have an interesting conversation, how to react to his responses, eye contact with the girl.


How to start the discussion by talking about what she does in life and especially how to react to her response.

Connect emotionally

What to do to create a connection between you and her, how rewarding when something you like. In addition, the application gives you many examples of questions to ask him to make statements, transitions, and future projections. What are some good phrases to seduce a woman ...


How to speak subtly to sexualize the conversation, many examples are given in order to excite the girl.

Kino / Physical contact

Why and how to handle physical contact / kino and turn up the sexual tension


The basis for kissing with different methods, how to know if she agrees. Example sentences to succeed in embracing during dating her.



Application Overview

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