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Seduction Messages

How to seduce a girl during the day

When you see a girl in the street, at a garden, at the shopping center

You meet a beautiful woman in a mall, in a park, on the subway, you do not know how to approach ? Download now the guide to seduce during the day !

The seduction guide coach

The application seduce day is a guide to teach you the various techniques to know to enable you to pick up a girl that we do not know and thus make new friends during the day and retrieve the phone number of this beautiful woman.

The best techniques included in an interactive guide!
Possible reading aloud with high quality voice!
Discuss with wingman and girls nearby!
Exchange your tips, vote for the best!

The tips

The basics

The mindset to have, how to talk, body language, hands and posture, style and hair, eye contact, and the spot.


Overcome your fear of the approach, how to approach, how to look, what to do, the openers sentences are well adapted to each context (street, park, subway ...). Direct or indirect approaches...

The discussion

Discussion topics for an interesting discussion and attract the girl you again. Which good phrases to seduce a woman.


How to take the phone number, email address, Facebook as well as ask her Snapchat, WhatsApp if she is young. How to reconnect with the girl in the next few days. What to say and when to make it natural..



Application Overview

Our tips to seduce a woman in a daylight
Discover other members near you

The rules of seduction during the day
Quick access to your profile, your favorite members ...

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