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To flirt on his mobile

Snapchat a new mode of communication that differentiates it from traditional messaging applications.

Application Overview

The application provides a fun mix of messages, photos, videos personalized to your taste and mood, it completely changes the classic discussion system of text messages, with this application it gives an emotion to your messages (snaps) with text emoticons associates with a photo or a video taken at the time. SnapChat appeared in September 2011 in the origin of a research project of two students from the American University of Stanford. What really differentiates it from other like Facebook and WhatsApp is that the pictures and videos posted have a limited duration. Like on Facebook you can choose to send a private message (snap), but the recipient can watch the private snap a few seconds (between 1 and 15 seconds). Alternatively, you can share your message well in public all your contacts thanks to the "My Story" function, this function all your friends can see your photos and video for up to 24 hours.

Our advice to seduce

The advice we can give you is to be original in your message, send snaps in different context, taking pictures has several nice places and occasionally use options such as filters, emoticons or drawing on images. Another thing, do not fall into the trap of sending confidential messages too, someone can always save your image and spread to other so we recommend that you do not send messages too excessive as your biggest evening alcohol for example. The application is a perfect way to talk to girls but also to flirt, many regular users of the application are girls, so to seduce on Snapchat stay natural and stay a bit mysterious, no need to send a snap all times it will show that you do not have an interesting life.

Learn how to seduce with messages

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