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The secret behind seduction by texts

Seduce through text messages

With this application you no longer need to break your head to think about which message to write you have a base of funny messages, romantic messages, love messages, quotes, good night... No more time wasted spending hours writing to girls who will not necessarily answer all your messages. And yes, pretty girls are very coveted! The advantage with this app is that you'll only need a few seconds to write different messages to lots of beautiful girls.

Instant Instant messages is the ultimate weapon to seduce by SMS messages! Download app to flirt with a woman by SMS!

Fun and catchy messages

The app offer messages examples already organized in categories. Those texts will create fun or intriguing conversation that will push the girl to you. But also, more serious conversation which themes are liked by girls to make her want to meet you. It will be now easy for you to make a girl laugh but most of all to make her want you. All those techniques will have no secret for you.

An app designed to save your time

Indeed, you want 4 or 5 pretty girls but don’t forget that those same girls are wanted by other men, and that they receive everyday messages from them, thus, they might not answer to all your messages.

La Ferrari de la drague

Believe me, since I use this app, things get crazy. I have more fun, more free time, girls are answering me and I don’t need to make any effort ! This app is powerful.

The more simple you are, the more result you get

This app is extremely simple but really efficient.

1/ Choose contacts You just need to select girls you want to write to (tick the box and note her name to use it later in messages) 2/ Send messages to contacts All the girls you have selected but to who you didn’t send a message recently are in the list with a pre-registered message. You then choose if you like the conversation subject or the message itself. If you don’t, feel free to change it in a few seconds.

Download Instant Messages app, it’s free !

Available on Android, an IPhone version should soon be developed. Register for the newsletter to know when it goes out. Download on Android right now and don’t forget to let us a comment. Tell us if you would like to change anything and we’ll do our best.