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We have tried and tested various dating applications that allow dating for get to know new people, then we have made a selection to provide you only the best. If you are single and you want to have a relationship and find love, we offer the top 10 applications for seduce on your mobile.

The ranking of applications

Tinder (Free)
This application of extreme simplicity will allow you to view photos of members in your area and choose whether or not if you like this man or woman . Then the person on his side also see your picture and if you are interested in each other then it will be possible to start a conversation. It is available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

BADOO (Free with in-app purchase)
Badoo is one of the references of the meeting, it has a lot of members and thousands of new registrants each day, you can probably talk to lots of new people every day. The application is available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

SMAX (Free with in-app purchase)
This application was created by the French radio Skyrock, so the members present are quite young. We loved because the application is well designed and is free, you can start for free up to 15 new threads a day. Available on iPhone and Android only.

AdopteUnMec is a place in the world of internet dating a few years, from the site and the application has become a reference and now has a lot of members. Also the new version of the application is very pretty and very well designed, only drawback for be able to charm others and write messages you need to pay.

CLOVER (Free with in-app purchase)
Cette application est nouvellement né est basé sur le principe de l'amadou, c'est-à-dire, rencontrer des gens à proximité d'une géolocalisation. Pour l'instant, il est peu connu et n'a donc pas beaucoup de membres, mais il ya une bonne chance qu'elle saura succès dans les prochains mois. Pour parler à une personne, il doit avoir accepté de faire votre connaissance ou si vous payez, vous pouvez envoyer un message à tous les membres.

Seduction techniques over the Internet

To learn how to flirt at the sites and applications, our free seduction ebook will give you valuable advice to start a discussion, to hold an interesting conversation and avoid getting in trouble.

So to put the odds on your side do not forget to download our official guide to seduce on the internet that gives seduction techniques to seduce a woman on the dating sites and applications.