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The 10 best dating apps for 2016

To chat up on Android and iOs

To help singles meet new people in 2016, we decided to test the new available apps on Android and iOS. So, which one will bring you luck ? Keep reading to discover your favorite one among our 10 best dating apps!

In 2014 and 2015, everyone used to be on Tinder and Badoo. Unfortunately, the quality of those apps decreased with time… Badoo complicated the process of messages exchange (we now have to wait that the girl accepts our messages) and Tinder get full of fake profiles (catfishing alert !). So, which new apps can replace my old ones ?

Our criterias have been the originality, the app cost, the number of members, the ergonomy, the design and finally the OS compatibility

The 2016 best dating apps

0/ App-Seduction
We worked hard to create the best dating advice app. Full of tips, App-Seduction is now having an intern social network to meet people who live around you. You can now easily find a new wingman who will helps you out with the women, bust most of all, your new target ! Discover App-Seduction now or Twitter Facebook

1/ Once Once app is the new 2016 trend. Following the same principles of Tinder, the Once difference is that you’re allowed to only one match per day. The profiles proposed are carefully chosen by the app based on your informations, your wants and your needs.

2/ Insomniak This app could be your new obsession, making you lost a few night’s sleep... Indeed, this dating app is only available at night, between 10pm and 6am ! Original, right ? This is the speed dating concept, you have 5 minutes to convince your target.

3/ Squad Squad This app is a friendship Tinder. You swipe with friends, and when it’s a match, all the friends group may join the conversation! Available on Android and Appstore.

4/ A live video meeting app ! Similar to Juuungle, 17seconds lets you go on short live video dates chosen by geo-tracking. Unfortunately, it’s only available on iOs. That’s a pity..

6/ Happn Quite famous today, but to be honest, disappointing.You had to pay when you wanted to “charm” people, and this didn’t change. So why is it in our top 10 ? Well, there are a lot of members ! If you’re good with paying for an app, Happn is the perfect app for you !

7/ Mazel If you want originality, here it is ! The new Mazel app is really different from everything you see. In Mazel, no photos or informations, just an avatar. To know more about the other, you must both play mini-games. Let’s play!

8/ Gleeden Another interesting app which focus on extramarital dating. This specific platform give you the opportunity to safely get in touch with cheaters around the world. Available on Appstore and Android.

9/ Hater Maybe the more original app of our list ! Hater brings together people who dislike the same things. You just need to indicate what you hate (from Trump to slow walkers) and the algorithm find your soulmate.

10/ Coffee Meets Bagel Everyday at 12pm, men receive until 21 matches (the bagels), they can like or pass. Then the app selections the best match to send to women. Finally, they are the one to decide if they want to talk or no. Girl power !

You want more ?

The APP-SEDUCTION team know others originals apps, of dating or advices. To discover them, just share this article on Facebook or Twitter ! Twitter Facebook

11/ Meetup A website which propose to meet new peoples living nearby. You can participate to various activities and make new friends. Just give it a try, you won’t be disapointed.

12/ Joinwhim Joinwhim is the app we all wanted ! Created to get directly a date with your target, it means no useless texting or fake profiles.

13/ Datingring An app which doesn’t make you lost your time. This time, real people selection profiles adapted to your, a manual matchmaking ! “Spend your time on dates, not online”, what a great idea !

14/ Startsnow Available on Android and iOs, this new app let you create, find and share events in your area.

15/ This social network is similar to Facebook but with a better content categorization. For example, the celebrities and the friends you follow are in differents sections.

16/ Bestieapp Not a dating app, but definitely useful if you’re trying to seduce. Bestiapp will help you find the perfect profile picture. Essential to make a good first impression !

17/ The perfect app of geo-tracking. Yiha let you send anonymous messages to people within 20 km.

18/ Getsapio A dating app which focus on the people’s experiences, opinions and passions. Interesting ! Available on Appstore and iOs

19/ Twoo A good design but nothing amazing for this classic app. It looks like a badoo without that much members.

20/ Tuttiflirty An original live video meeting app, thanks to funny questions (Are you more steak or watermelon?). Unfortunately, tuttiflirty is only available on iOS

21/ Inmysphere Quite original, this social network let you create your own universe and exchange messages based on geo-tracking. Not bad !

22/ Abboom A social network based on sciences and which exclude advertising. Abboum defines itself as a “helper in matters of self-discovery”. Inspiring !

23/ Introme A nice dating app based on geo-tracking which main problem is the lack of users.