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Seduction Messages

Seduce a girl through text messages

The art of seduction texting

You want to exchange with a girl through sms, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, SlingShot... Discover our text seduction secrets. Download the guide

Tips and advices to know

Flirting through messages isn’t easy. You must know some principles to be able to communicate with girls. Here, you’ll find all our advices to seduce with words, through sms and on social network, but also to know which topic conversation you must choose. Our app will help you to engage in a conversation but also to show her your interest and make her want to see you.

App-seduction offers you pre-registered messages, classified by theme, making easy to begin a conversation on topics girls are interested in. You just have to choose the theme and then, the message. It automatically goes on your phone, you finally select the recipient (or recipients if you want to maximize your chances). So easy!

The best techniques to read in an interactive guide
Possibility to read aloud techniques (HD)
Discuss with wing-man and women in your area
Exchange your techniques and vote for the best ones!

Pre-registered examples of perfect texts !

Make her trust you : How make your girlfriend believe in you?

Make a joke : How to make her laugh? Make her think Talk to her about your efforts Propose a long-term relationship Tell her that you don’t spend enough time together Tell her that she doesn’t give you enough news Intrigue her If she doesn’t answer Flirt explicitly Sexualise conversation Ask her out