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How to flirt on Tinder?

The strong point of Tinder

The strong point of this application is that it is very easy to use: just two people to "like" and that's how the discussion can start in a minute! That's it! Given the popularity of the application and effectiveness of the system looking for people who can sort according to its criteria and tastes, we can say that the choice of target is vast.

The key is profile picture

We must not close our eyes, it's the physics that is the most important factor here, and if you want to make a difference it will be clear thanks to your photo.

-So on one hand you must put pictures of good quality (HD), and those that bring you the most in value (please ask your female acquaintances).
- Secondly, try to put a picture that is taken by someone else, people will understand that you have friends and it makes you instinctively interesting, certainly more than a selfie took before the mirror the bathroom.
- If possible, take pictures with beautifull light (or add if you master editing software), the light attracts the eye and makes the photo more enjoyable.

Descriptions are less important but still do not lose your value, for example: no writing SMS, long philosophical phrases or quotes. Instead favor short sentences and funny without being too heavy or serious.

Making a difference from the first message

Avoid the basic "hello how are you?". It must stand out from the most bad seducer of Tinder. Try placing a sentence in relation to his description or his profile picture (ideally to be ironic / slightly mocking) like "Very nice your skirt, my little sister has the same" is completely off-topic sentences "you remind me of my first love during the kindergarten". this will change of the very large majority of the messages she receives and her brain put you right in the "interesting guys."

Get the phone number

Tinder is an excellent application for step approach, but it's time to move to a higher stage and for that nothing is better than the intimacy of the phone! After a few minutes of discussion about Tinder, excuse a departure (the classic "I gotta go, I have to put on my suit and save the world tonight, give me your number if you agrees!") and save number for then be able to invite him to take a ride into town or to a party!