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How to seduce on snapchat

How to flirt effectively with Snapchat?

The great advantage of Snapchat

With Snapchat the connection with the target is faster and more efficiently than a dating site, have the advantage of photos and instant messaging have the potential to replace an appointment outside. With this opening we will use different ways to accelerate and conclude with the target.

Adapting your photos based on the target

In fact the photos you send must be customized with the likes of your target for best printing. On Snapchat pictures are a powerful asset in the seduction that shows your style, your character, physical and personal information about you. This is why your photos needs to be adapted to your target do not do wrong.

The pictures speak louder than words

Just as the expression of a person's face speaks louder than his words, photographs show more emotion and cocace side must operate up to communicate with its target thoughts via pictures. Ask yourself "what do I want to get to the target? ". Not only it brings unpredictability that attracts its target but also a game more exciting role which cuts the boredom of too predictable messaging.

Always keep a distance with the target

A common mistake for beginners is to drag multiple pictures in a row to feel better, this girl does not attract quite the contrary. Remember one rule a picture is worth an interest that the target assimilates unconsciously, if you send multiple photos that would mean that your interest is very strong, so you'll be acquired for the girl. This is very repulsive in seduction. If I have any advice for you is to never send more than two pictures as long as she does not send feedback via picture. If a girl sends you a picture of herself, you are on the right track you interested.

Play on humor, it's a game

Keep in mind that this is entertainment that can show their creativity, make humor with sensitivity and second degree as in a meeting with a girl. I remind you that humor is the most attractive quality in a man.

Knowing how to use the messaging

Seducing is made with attraction of photos, but you have during the courtship process using messages a few times to create a climate of trust with the girl and become closer as a few simple questions is a good start.
Applying his advice your attractiveness will increase a notch.