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How to propose a casual relationship (or plan Q) ?

You’re in that point in your life where you just want to have fun, without any drama or jealousy. You think that’s impossible ? That all the girls want a serious relationship and that none of them would be ok with a casual thing… Let me tell you something : you’re wrong. If girls told you no in the past, it’s likely that you didn’t ask it the right way. Even if it’s hard to ask something as delicate as a casual relationship, keep in mind that this is possible. You just need the right attitude (and the good method !). So, how to turn someone into a plan Q?

Be honest…

Don’t let her imagine something serious with you. During the first date (or the first night together), talk about it. Explain her that you do like her and want to see her again but also why you don’t want to commit in a serious relationship (a complicate story with your ex, the desire to have fun, the fear to hurt or get hurt). But WATCH OUT ! You must be direct on the fact that the relationship won’t evolve.

Women understand that men don’t want to commit, the problem is that she might imagine she can change your mind. You become a challenge. Be clear and tell her : « It won’t change, nothing serious will ever happen between you and me». This also means that you can’t take her to restaurants, cinemas or worst, to introduce her to your friends. One of the first « plan Q » rule is to never take her out : you met her at her place or at yours.

Of course, those advicces are dedicated to casual relationship not to friends with benefits (with who you can make different activities because your relationship is based on friendship).

… and respectful !

Now that you look like a monster, it’s time to put things right. Tell her that you respect her. It’s the key. You want a free relationship but it won’t change what you think about her or question her ability to make a man happy. Tell her : « It’s just me who do not want a serious thing right now, there is nothing to do with you ».

Keep in mind that even if she say she’s a free spirit, she still have a heart which only ask for respect (it will ask love to someone else). Do not let her feel like she’s a sexual object. She’s an independant woman who doesn’t need you, help her believe that.

Besides, when you talk about this kind of relationship, do not use the term « plan Q », which means « ass plan » in french. You woud rather say « casual relationship ». You’re not using her. She’s not using you. You are simply making a deal to have fun without drama.

Finally, she must trust you. A seductor have the image of a Don Juan where a seductress would be seen as a « hooker ». For her, having this type of relationship is taking the risk to compromise her reputation.

Thus, she must believe in your sincerity and goodness. To convince her that you won’t be the awful arrogant who will tell your story to anybody, you must show your openness. Stay at the limit of feminism, motivating women to have fun without any fear or restraint, and most of all : never criticize !

If she looks reluctant

If she hesitates or if she tries to convince you to give her a chance for something more serious : run !

This means that she will have difficulties to see you as her « Plan Q ». She’ll end up agreeing but she won’t be happy and you’ll make her suffer. The « plan Q » must be a win-to-win situation and never make one of the part suffer.