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How to flirt using Snapchat ?

The Snapchat big advantage

Thanks to Snapchat, you get closer quicker with your target than on dating site. Indeed, thanks to the photos exchange and the instant messaging, a Snapchat conversation is becoming a real date. We can use this to accelerate the relationship and get laid sooner...

Adapt your pictures according to your target

The photos you will send must be adapted to the girl. It must be customized with her taste. Photos on Snapchat are a powerful asset in seduction which show your style, your personality and of course your look. This is why you must always ask yourself who is the target and how your pictures are likely to be enjoyed by her.

A photo worth a thousand words

A facial expression means more than what the person say. Thus, your photos will bring emotions and this is what must be used to communicate your thoughts. You must ask “what feelings do I want her to get?”. Photos bring unpredictability which will attract her, but also a role game way funnier than a simple message.

Always keep a distance with your target

One of the biggest mistakes is to send too many photos of yourself, trying to make a good impression. It doesn’t attract girls ! Keep in mind this simple rule : a photo is an interest shown. If you send a lot of pictures, you show a lot of interest. The problem is that the more pictures you send, the more interested you look, the more the girl will think you’re easy to get. This is exactly the opposite of what you must do ! My advice is simple : never send more than two pictures successively if she doesn’t send you one back. If she did, well done ! It means she shown interest, that’s a good sign.

Use humour, it’s a game !

Always keep in mind that flirting must be an entertainment. You must show her your humour, in real life and on Snapchat, using tact and irony. Humor is the greatest quality women are looking for.

Know how to use the mailbox

The biggest part of the Snapchat seduction lay in the photos exchange. Anyway, it is just a step, you must in the same time use the mailbox available on the app. This will let you create a trusting environment and get closer to your target. Do not hesitate to ask some simple questions at the beginning, in order to initiate a conversation. If you apply those advices carefully, your seduction power will definitely increase.

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