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How to approach a girl ? Examples of openers

Approach and seduce

To approach a women with a good opener can make the difference. Please, avoid the “Wahou hottie” and others “Hey, what’s up?” and try to be different. Here’s a few openers, but keep in mind that you must adapt to the girl !

Openers when you try to seduce alone

“Do you think that guy is gay ? (show him but don’t make it obvious) I have the feeling he’s lurking at me"

The advice technique : "Hey ! Tell me, I’m looking for a new dress style/haircut, which one’s your favorite? (show her pictures on your phone) In a clothing store “Do you think that tee-shirt looks good on me or is this one better ?”

To a really pretty girl "I like your style ! Is there a kitsch party tonight ?"

To a girl, wearing headphones "Mmmh, Justin Bieber after 14 years old, it’s quite sad no ?” (She didn’t say what she was listening, then you keep talking)

Write a little story on paper and give it to her. Here’s an example : “Ben & Jane go to the river. Ben dive into the water but don’t know how to swim. He dies drowned. Jade goes after him but she neither know how to swim. Paul arrive, perform artificial respiration and save her. They lived happily ever after and had babies" then you tell her "I’m talented right ? There’s everything inside, drama, a happy ending and sexe”

Openers with your wingman "Hi girls, we were talking with my friend and we need your opinion, do you think it’s girls or boys who spend more time in the bathroom?"

"Hey ! Me, I love SpongeBob but my friend prefer Hey Arnold!, what do you think? Which one is the best?"

"Hi ! Who do you think can win to the thumb war, my friend or me ?”

"Hey girls, we were looking for where stylish girls go out… do you know where they are?”

If you’re on holiday somewhere (alone or with your wingman)

“Hey, I just arrived, where do people party here?”

"Hi, do you know where’s the best club here?”

If you’re on holiday abroad

"Hey excuse me, you think it's true that (your nationality) have the sexiest accent ?"

"Hey excuse me, I'm (your nationality) so do I look (cliché about your country)?"

"Hey excuse me girls, everybody says (your nationality) are the hottest, you think it's true ? I think it is"

When you’re abroad you accent makes you look exotic, do not hesitate to use that !

This was a few examples, but there are many others. Just think to adapt to the situation and of course to your target. Besides, keep in mind that your look counts, try to make an effort with your clothes and adopt a good body language. Finally, those tips are just for the opener, so stay focus, the conversation just begin !

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